On Tuesday, July 29, 2014, on 1-90 near Sheffield Village, Ohio, a westbound driver bumped into another car, lost control and swerved into the eastbound lane causing a head-on collision. It was reported that both drivers were seriously injured and transported to Metro Health Medical Center.

This accident occurred just miles from our Avon office. It should serve as a reminder that we can never be to safe and we need to be on the lookout even during ideal Summertime driving conditions.

“Do You have a Professional Malpractice Claim?” From the Plaintiff’s Perspective

A professional commits malpractice when they are negligent or incompetent. Under the strict definition of professional malpractice, it only applies to the conduct of lawyers and doctors. However, generally speaking, it applies to professionals that have specialized training and are licensed by governmental agencies, claims against accountants, architects, stock brokers, financial advisors, engineers and other medical providers, i.e. dentists, chiropractors, nurses and therapists should also be considered. An alternative definition for those claims is “professional negligence.” [Read more…]