Insurance Law

Ohio Insurance Law

Life is unpredictable — that is why individuals pay for legal and financial protection through home, car and life insurance. Still, knowing your insurance law rights under the Ohio Administrative Code can be confusing, especially if you actually need to file an insurance claim.

You may be asking yourself:

  • How will my premium be affected if I file a claim with my own insurance carrier?
  • What happens if I am involved in an accident with someone who has little or no insurance?
  • Do I have rights if I believe I am being offered an unfair settlement?
  • If my insurance claim is denied, do I have other options?
  • Should I hire a lawyer to help me understand my insurance policies?

As a knowledgeable Cleveland and Lorain insurance lawyer, Dan Sucher can answer the above questions and any other insurance law queries you have when you call us at 440-937-9100 or contact us online.

Helping You Understand Your Rights

With more than 22 years of extensive trial and litigation experience guiding residents of Avon, Ohio, and the surrounding area through the maze of Ohio insurance law, Dan Sucher can assist you in understanding your rights and how the circumstances of your case are affected by statutes.

When you contact Dan Sucher Law, our skilled insurance law attorneys will help you:

  • Identify who is financially responsible for your injuries or property damage
  • Find other policies, either through your employer, state-mandated policies, etc.
  • Coordinate benefits to identify financial obligations regarding auto insurance, medical insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security
  • Understand how and why hospitals try to get you to use your car insurance to cover medical expenses

In addition to the preceding information, we can help you recognize if your insurance company is acting in bad faith by unfairly denying your claim, withholding benefits or terminating your policy.

Is the defendant in your case uninsured or underinsured? You still have rights. Contact Dan Sucher Law today at 440-937-9100 today to learn about your options.

Dan Sucher has extensive litigation experience representing people, not companies. By seeking damages for our clients on a contingent fee basis, we have been able to level the playing field and pursue our client’s best interests against the largest of corporations. If you have been wrongfully discharged from your employment, lost a minority interest in a closely held company, experienced a breach of contract, become the victim of a commercial fraud or otherwise suffered a commercial loss, contact us to discuss the matter. There will be no fee for discussing the matter and we will never charge you an hourly fee.

Most business attorneys will only work for an hourly fee, and they require that the client pay a significant retainer before the attorney will commit to pursue a commercial claim. Dan Sucher Law pursues many commercial or business claims on a contingent fee basis. If there is no recovery, there is no fee.

These claims can arise where:

  • a company breaches an employment agreement or wrongfully discharges an employee;
  • a minority shareholder is fired or otherwise excluded from a business;
  • one or more partners are treated unfairly by others in control;
  • a business fails to adhere to promises made to encourage others to deal with it;
  • fraudulent representations are made during the course of business negotiations;
  • one business disparages another to gain a competitive advantage in the market;

There is no fee for discussing such potential claims with Dan Sucher. Please feel free to contact us by telephone to discuss your business issue.