Motorcycle Accidents

Ohio Motorcycle Accident Legal Help

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident in Ohio, you need help from a skilled Avon motorcycle crash attorney like Dan Sucher
Dan Sucher provides exceptional legal counsel and representation to our personal injury clients because they understand the unique situations surrounding motorcycle accidents and why they are different from typical car accidents.

When you contact Dan, you can expect your story to be heard. He values our motorcycle accident victims’ input and relies on your involvement to build a strong defense for you.

Experienced Cleveland Motorcycle Accident Attorney

With more than 22 years of experience, Dan Sucher been assisting residents of the Cleveland and Lorain areas with their motorcycle accident claims and continue to do so today.

Dan Sucher is committed to fighting for the compensation you deserve for your medical damage, property damages and pain and suffering leading to the loss of your life enjoyment.

Dan Sucher believes in holding the appropriate party responsible for your injuries, and he does this by working with professionals including accident reconstructionists, investigators, police and medical specialists to build a solid case for you.

Additionally, he recognizes the added challenges you are up against as a motorcyclist, including the presence of non motorcyclists and police bias against motorcyclists, as well as the more severe injuries you face when involved in an accident on an open-air vehicle.

At Dan Sucher Law, we will provide you strong legal advocacy by:

  • Examining the details of your accident
  • Gathering solid evidence to prove your claim by working with the appropriate experts
  • Consulting with law enforcement regarding the accident report
  • Assisting in coordination of benefits and insurance so you won’t pay anything out of pocket
  • Looking at other avenues of recovery including other causes of the accident, like manufacturer and municipality issues

He will also work toward obtaining the compensation needed to restore your motorcycle to the condition it was in before the accident.
If a loved one was involved in a motorcycle accident that resulted in his or her wrongful death, we can help you. Call Dan Sucher Law today at 440-937-9100 or contact us online.